As a company dedicated to the development, imagination and fun of your children, we’ve made extra sure that Squishysaurus is the best possible toy for children as well as for the planet that they will grow up in.

Our ambition is to create toys that help your child thrive in a world that is inspiring, safe and shared between all its curious inhabitants — even the dinosaurs!

Each one of us has a role in ensuring the world of tomorrow is a world that our children can thrive in, and that’s why we’ve made sustainability one of our core pillars.

Here’s what we can promise:

All our products are CE certified

If some companies have the negligence to produce squishy toys laced with dangerous chemicals, Squishysaurus is certainly not one of them. Our dinos are made from CE certified PU foam of the highest quality, the same material used to produce stress-relieving balls (which makes Squishysaurus a great stress reliever on a bad day!). That means that every Squishysaurus toy meets the health and safety requirements of the Toys Safety Directive and are deemed risk-free for all users, including little ones of all ages up to 14 years old.

Recycled cardboard packaging

Producing educational toys creates a unique educational opportunity, but it can also carry a significant impact on the environment if done without ensuring the sustainability and transparency of the supply chain. At Squishysaurus, our ambition is to strike the balance between dispensing education and achieving a neutral environmental impact.

We’ve chosen to package our Squishysaurus in recycled cardboard packaging and forego the usual plastic blister packs used by many children’s toys. Although the cost is higher, it’s a small price to pay for a future with less waste and an opportunity to design creative packaging that can be as attractive for children to play with as the toy itself! The leaflets are also made out of recycled paper so that our footprint and your purchase are as eco-logical as possible.

As Squishysaurus grows, we’re hoping to move towards locally-sourced packaging to drastically reduce the energy expenditure associated with transportation.