Squishy AR — App Tutorial

If you’re looking to access the premium content waiting for you on the Squishysaurus AR app, you’re in the right place!

Read through this article to find out how you can use the Squishysaurus AR app to make playtime the best form of development for your children. We’ve got a few tips and tricks we’re excited to share with you, so read on down and join the fun!

1. Download the Squishysaurus AR app:

To start exploring the world of Squishysaurus, download the Squishysaurus app for free on the iOS Apple Store and Google Play store. Even before you purchase a Squishysaurus toy, you can start reading the fun stories and take the quizzes on the app. Once you’ve bought a Squishysaurus character, you’re ready to unlock the premium content on the app!

Squishysaurus Squishy AR

2. Scan the QR code you receive with your tactile friend:

Now that you’ve purchased a Squishysaurus toy, you’ll need to activate the premium content included in the app.

Simply find the marker in the packaging your Squishysaurus toy came in and scan the code from the home screen of the app by pointing your camera at the code. As soon as the app detects the QR code, you’ll get a confirmation message that your chosen character has been unlocked. To check which characters you’ve unlocked, open the main menu by clicking on the three bars in the top left-hand side of the screen and select ‘Your Characters’.

Those you’ve unlocked will appear in colour whilst the locked ones will appear in grey. To unlock the other characters, you’ll need to purchase a new Squishysaurus toy to get the QR code in the box!

3. Bring your Squishysaurus to life:

Hurray! You’ve unlocked your Squishysaurus character, now it’s time to play! To see your new friend come to life, place the QR code you scanned on a flat surface with the QR code pointing up. Now point your camera at the QR code and — TADA! — watch your favourite Squishysaurus appear on the screen. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you hear your new friend greet you with a jolly “Hello!”. Now you can start interacting with your Squishysaurus!

To animate your dinosaur, touch the buttons on the screen or talk to your new friend by saying your character’s name, followed by one of the words displayed on the buttons on your screen.

For example, say “Hi Emma! Assess”, or “Hi Alife! Paint” or even “Hi Madison! Shoot” and watch your character do what you asked!

Emma The Scientist

4. Read and learn:

Once you’ve had fun animating your character, you can head to the reading section of your app to embark on a fun adventure with your Squishysaurus friends. To do this, click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the home screen and click on ‘My Stories’. If you’ve scanned the QR code for the first time, your character’s story will be active and visible in this section.

Now all you have to do is read your favourite character’s story! This is a great time to practise reading on your own or to read with parents. In case you just want to listen to the story and follow along, you can ask the narrator the read the story by clicking on the orange icon in the bottom left-hand side of the screen. The narrator will start reading the story and you can follow along as the words auto-magically appear in time with the narration!

5. Take the quiz:

Have you been following along? Test your knowledge and find out! At the end of the story, you’ll be prompted to take a quiz about what you learned in your reading. Score over 90% — that’s 9 correct answers out of 10 — and you win a reward! So listen well and play to unlock more Prehistoric Fun!

6. Access more content on the Squishysaurus site:

Have you run out of stories to read? Would you like to join to the Squishysaurus community to receive a free Squishysaurus story, VIP access to deals and special discounts on Squishysaurus products? Just head to https://squishysaurus.com/pages/free-story and enter your email to receive your free story! 

See you soon in Squishysaurus village!