About Squishysaurus


Playtime’s the best way to learn, don’t you think? Every Squishysaurus does! Introducing our dinosaurs that are dedicated to development, imagination, and fun!

Learning while laughing is the best approach to real development – we believe playtime to be the best form of education and that’s exactly what you'll discover when you meet Emma, Madison and Alfie. 

Each Squishysaurus has their own interests, personality, ambitions and more to help teach and inspire. They come with educational challenges so you can learn and test your knowledge as you play. Each Squishysaurus also comes with their own fun quiz and access to premium content on the Squishysaurus AR App. Read their unique story then test what you have learnt to win a reward! 

These cute and cuddly dinosaurs love to learn and laugh with you.


Squishysaurus is pure Prehistoric Fun. Squishysaurus combines fun and learning to ensure that playtime is a great form of development!