7 Benefits of Storytelling in Homeschools

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7 Benefits of Storytelling in Homeschools

7 Benefits of Storytelling in Homeschools

Over the years more and more families are choosing to homeschool. Whatever your reasoning, may be you have probably run into some struggles with keeping your students engaged, no matter the subject. Keeping your children engaged throughout the learning period, while enhancing their skills and understanding, can be achieved with many tips and tricks. Many educators have embraced the power of storytelling in their curriculum for instance. There are several benefits to incorporating stories within any educational setting, and I am happy to share some with you here.

Increases Engagement

As we have mentioned, this is likely one of the biggest hurdles for any teacher, never mind in a homeschool setting where distractions are more common. With the use of stories, many teachers have found that learners are able to pay attention for longer timespans, and also retain their knowledge better. Your child's brain will attach to the pieces of knowledge built into the story, allowing it to resonate in their minds more efficiently. Any broad "boring" lecture can be twisted to be compelling and engaging in the minds of your students. Even the driest of subjects can be carefully crafted to be an interesting story, you just have to be creative!

Enhances Skills

One of the most obvious benefits of incorporating storytelling into your homeschool efforts is to enhance your children's skills. There are a variety of ways to utilise stories in your program, from reading to your students, having them read to you, or by having them write their own stories. Each of these methods allows your child to enhance different skills, including their vocabulary, literacy, and their own writing style. By having students act out stories or, retell them through different methods, you help to develop your child's listening, comprehension, and understanding skills as well.

Enriches All Subjects

Storytelling has long been associated with bedtime storybook routines or being built into language arts studies, with a focus on enhancing specific skills. However, we have learned that enhancing engagement is a huge benefit of storytelling, so why limit its application? With the use of stories, you can teach your students just about anything. The adventurous journey of a piece of broccoli traveling through the digestive system, the mysterious magic of condensation and evaporation, or perhaps relating math problems to everyday things, like animals or food. The possibilities are quite endless.

Promotes Creativity

Encouraging your child to express themselves through creative means is always an advantage to providing a homeschool experience. Having your child create stories allows them to develop any character and plot they choose, within any mythical setting their imagination can conjure. You can help your children to embrace their talents and interests by creating stories with the use of different mediums, as mentioned earlier. Getting creative yourself, you can develop fun ways to teach any topic. Perhaps have children make their own ending to a story you've read together, but illustrate it in a comic. Maybe you can have them dramatically act out a story they found in a story app. Storytelling will help open your child's mind to all the possibilities of the world, and beyond.

Become Culturally Aware

The best of stories have an impeccable way of transporting us to places we have never been, without leaving the comfort of our homes. Not everyone has the option of travelling to learn about different cultures, beliefs, and values, which is why storytelling can be so beneficial. Depending on where you live, your children may not get a lot of exposure to other cultures, perhaps more so if you've chosen to homeschool. By incorporating stories about other parts of the world, how people there live their lives, the types of food they eat, and the homes they live in, we can help our children to become more culturally aware. You can even take the opportunity to teach your children about their own heritage and ancestors through stories.

There are so many homeschool curriculums and educational programs available now, and incorporating storytelling into your routine is such a great way to enhance your experience. Embrace your child's individuality by appealing to their interests, and offer them multiple methods of learning. Bring every subject to life with storytelling, keeping your students fully engaged. Enjoy creative storytelling with your children, while helping them develop life skills and a better understanding of the world around them.