Meet Squishysaurus! Dinosaurs that are dedicated to development, interaction, imagination and fun.

Emma enjoys science and learning how the world works, especially all the wonderful animals around us! That’s great you think school is fun – Emma does too!

Alfie loves to paint, read and write poems. He’s about to burst with creativity! If you like to dream up stories and create beautiful paintings, you’re just like Alfie!

Madison loves to play basketball and try new sports with her dinosaur friends. If you like to run around outside and keep fit – you and Madison will get on great!

Each dinosaur has their own unique skills and characteristics. Living together in Squishysaurus Village they constantly discover new things on their adventures!

Squishysaurus: is built on 3 founding pillars:

Education – playtime is the primary gateway to genuine learning
Interaction – social interaction is vital to development and we encourage it
Sustainability – we want to teach that the planet is ours to share

From our London office, we champion these key objectives in our ongoing work to enrich the lives of children around the world.

Please get in touch by completing our quick contact form on the site – we’d love for you to stop by and share your ideas and feedback!