Not Just An App: An Opportunity For Collective Playtime On And Off The Screen

As valuable as educational technology may be for child development, many parents are concerned about how much time children are spending on screens and how little time they’re spending interacting with other children and group activities.

Yet new technologies are also opening up a realm of possibilities for smart entertainment and educational content that can support, if not boost, your child’s development. For the first time in history, parents are having to figure out with limited information just how much screen time is too much screen time and what kind of content they should give their children access to.

The importance of high-quality screen time and collective playing

More than ever, it’s important to understand what constitutes high-quality screen time for a child. Here’s a breakdown of the most important elements:

Educational content: Without any constructive content to offer, screen time can quickly turn into an empty consumption of media entertainment. With hyperactive brains and bodies bursting with energy, children need qualitative content that nourished their development provides a variety of stimulations in different areas. For example, games are interesting if they use gamification to encourage the development of skills or problem-solving abilities that go beyond the screen. Videos or animations can be interesting if they expand your child’s imagination and inspire positive character development that carries over into the real world.

Interactivity: The brain is an incredibly plastic organ, especially for children who develop 90% of their grey matter in the first three years of their life! Interactions are one of the key components of healthy development in the early years of a child’s life. Whether it’s reading with a parent, exchanging with a teacher or playing with other children, interactions develop the senses and provide an important base for the construction of the child’s identity, social skills and modes of communication. A good educational toy is one that encourages not only individual play but also collective activities and opportunities for parent-child interactions.

Explore your surroundings: Outdoor time is essential for every human being and even more so for children. The advent of ed-tech provides fruitful opportunities for fast learning and early development, but make sure that whatever they do it encourages activities that allow your children to explore their surroundings and discover the environment they live in and the people they share the world with!

Squishysaurus: an all-rounder fun and learning experience

At Squishysaurus, we’re passionate about making playtime the best possible time for your children to learn. When children laugh while learning, they engage in a form of natural learning that boosts their capacity to retain information, solve logic problems, collaborate with others and think outside the box to expand the way they engage with the world.

Our on-screen app includes augmented reality and voice recognition features to bring your child’s Squishysaurus to life in a fun, interactive and educational experience!

Here’s why there’s no such thing as too much Squishysaurus time:

Good health: Squishysaurus love adventure, discovery and fun! With unique personalities, stories and engaging quizzes for each character, playtime with Squishysaurus is a great time for your children to explore the garden, play with other Squishysaurus friends and learn new skills like reading and vocabulary.

Time for interaction with other children and adults: Squishysaurus love playing with lots of new friends! We’ve made sure Squishysaurus encourages individual and collective playtime, with other children as much as with adults. The Squishysaurus app integrates the latest Augmented Reality technology so that each Squishysaurus comes to life on screen at the touch of a fingertip! Because the more the merrier, our reading exercises, quizzes and learning games are designed to encourage parent-child interactions and collective play.

If you want the best for your child off and on screen, let Squishysaurus bring the fun back into learning!