Squishysaurus Launch Combines Imaginative Play and Technology

Squishysaurus is a brand, devoted to enhancing the relationship between children’s development, education and fun. 

There are three Squishysaurus characters; Emma the scientist, Alfie the artist and Madison the athlete. Each is designed to nurture children’s imagination with specific personality traits and ambitions, working as positive role models, which aid development.

The free to download app includes a story, which can be read, either by yourself or with text appearing on-screen as a narrator reads for you. 

You can activate your favourite Squishysaurus purchases directly within the Squishy AR App. Using voice recognition or by pressing the animation button, each character becomes animated, creating a new way for your child to interact with their favourite toy. 

Children’s imaginations are magical, as they invent their own stories and live in worlds filled with fantasy and creations of their minds. Children can learn more about each character’s story and interact with them on the app using AR.

Whether it’s a unique way to read a story or an educational app you are looking for, Squishysaurus can facilitate all of these. In a time where technology is more prevalent than ever before, children can use their interest in technology to explore and learn about each character, seeing Emma, Alfie or Madison in an entirely new light, bringing them to life even more.

“Making eye contact with each character is a fascinating touch and creates an instant relationship. Makes us smile every time”

Katie, Plymouth, UK

“It’s a clever animation which immediately engages the user and unlocks the personality of each cute, little dinosaur. Wonderful!”

Julia, Reading, UK

Teaching and inspiring, the educational challenges which come with each Squishysaurus mean children can test their knowledge and develop as they play.

Each Squishysaurus character helps to develop psychological and emotional capabilities at a time where children’s imaginations are more creative than ever. The imaginative play which accompanies each toy encourages problem-solving, co-operation, empathy and understanding; ideal for children of any age.

Creating a new way for parents to spend quality time with their children, each Squishysaurus character is fun for the entire family.

“I want Squishysaurus to be fun. The characters each have their own personality traits to help to nurture a child’s imagination. The app has some really great unique features that both children and their parents will find intriguing.”

Kevin Allen, Founder, Squishysaurus