The Future of Play

Screen time seems to be inevitable for children these days. After all, they are now an essential part of day to day life for parents. This is changing the way kids interact and develop in their early stages, but this doesn’t mean screens have to be detrimental to early child development. Storytelling, games and interactive play are still key to every child’s early years but how can this be done in the era of devices?

Storytelling has been the ultimate tried and tested method throughout history to both educate and excite the imagination of children. However, the days of simply reading before bedtime and playing with imaginary friends are fading into the past. How can you create social play for children in a world where screens are ever present and homeschool is more common than ever? In the same way AR apps, such as Pokemon go, changed the way adults interact with their world through screens, a story app for children would do the same!

Enter Squishysaurus, the AR storytelling app that helps your kids explore their environment and interact with a virtual pet dinosaur, all whilst laughing and learning. Time spent on devices doesn’t have to be bad - quality content and educational storytelling mean your child can have fun and engaging screen time. Edutainment Games developed this kids app to help parents and their children explore interactive stories with our unique characters.

Meet Alfie the artist, Emma the scientist and Maddison the athlete. Each has its own unique personality, that grows the more your child interacts with them. They also have their own individual stories, designed to encourage individual and collective playtime - including time with parents! More than Barney on TV, our characters will also respond to your children in real time with voice activation, interactive storytelling. Your child’s favourite dinosaur character will even look and wave at them as they play!

At Squishysaurus, we’re passionate about making playtime the best possible time for your children to learn. How does it actually work and why is educational, social play so important to child development?

It's no secret how important the first few years of a child's life are. This is why parents do their best to give kids as much nutrients as possible. However, we need to feed kids brains as much as we need to feed their bodies - they develop 90% of their grey matter in the first 3 years of their life after all. Play is crucial in this stage of development, as this is how they learn to interact with others and the world around them. Squishysaurus uses the principles of educational content, interactivity and exploration, all with help of an AR friend, to make learning as fun as play!

Our interactive stories engage children, encouraging their imagination and creativity. As they interact with their favourite dinosaur characters, they will learn problem solving skills that go beyond the screen, as well as encouragement to grow positive character traits such as teamwork and creativity. The gamification of our app is key to this engagement and learning. Not only will kids interact directly with characters, each story contains a fun quiz to help children get the most out of their learning and time on the app. Each Squishysaurus character helps to develop psychological and emotional capabilities at a time where children’s imaginations are more creative than ever.

Interactivity is crucial for children. How they connect with others - be it parents, teachers or other children - is an essential component of how children develop communication skills. Throughout our AR experience, both children and parents can share in the fun together! Play with your favourite character together, share in the interactive stories and enjoy the quizzes. The more your children interact with the app, the more the characters come to life. Plus, our Squishysaurus’ have been designed to encourage social play with other kids and adults to ensure your child isn’t engaging with a screen alone.

As your child will be encouraged to engage with others, our dinosaur games will also inspire them to explore their home and the world around them! Through the magic of AR technology, children can play with their favourite characters both indoors and outdoors. Kids need to be outside, and not only will Squishysaurus encourage it, it will inspire it too! There is no limit to the amount of time your child can spend with their virtual pet, as they will constantly be learning, laughing and playing, wherever your child goes!

Our platform offers a free story element or you can purchase your child’s favourite character for endless interactive fun. Storytelling has changed with technology, but doesn’t mean your children can’t laugh and learn like they would from a good old fashioned storybook. Inspire their imagination with the AR magic of Squishysaurus.