The Problem It Solves

Even though children are spending more and more time looking at screens and smartphones:

  • Using technology for long periods can often lead to isolation instead of interaction
  • Children’s development is hindered when their imagination is not nurtured and they become bored

Apps, computers and screen time are all here to stay, so the Squishysaurus app was developed to encourage collective activities and opportunities for parent-child interactions in a fun and social way:

  • Promotes communication by voice activation features to animate Squishysaurus dinosaurs in unique ways
  • Provides a tool for parents to read to their children or children to practise reading themselves
  • Stimulates a child's imagination with cute, fun dinosaur characters in an augmented reality environment

Meet Squishysaurus, cute, fun dinosaur characters that act as positive role models that you can interact with on the Squishysaurus app!


Emma enjoys science and learning how the world works, but what she loves most are all beautiful animals around us. That's great you think school is fun – Emma does too!


Alfie loves to paint, read and write poems, and he's about to burst with creativity – so if you like to dream up stories and create beautiful paintings, you're just like Alfie!


Madison loves to play basketball and try new sports with her dinosaur friends. If you like to run around outside and keep fit – you and Madison will get on great!

“I want Squishysaurus to be fun. The characters each have their own personality traits to help to nurture a child’s imagination. The app has some really great unique features that both children and their parents will find intriguing.”

Kevin Allen, Founder, Squishysaurus

Why It Was Created & Why It Matters

Interactions are one of the key components of healthy development in the early years of a child’s life. Whether it’s reading with a parent, exchanging with a teacher or playing with other children, interactions develop the senses and provide an important base for the construction of the child’s identity, social skills and modes of communication.

Squishysaurus uses the opportunity that technology gives us to promote interaction, development and collective play!

Target Audience

The app has developed to provide fun ways for any parent (or any family member) to play and interact with their children (and for children to play together themselves).

Any kid too from the age of 3 will enjoy spending time with their cute Squishysaurus friends.

App Features, Facts & Stats

The Squishysaurus App is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Your favourite Squishysaurus character can be purchased and activated directly within the Squishy AR App. Using voice recognition or by pressing the animation button, each character moves to your command, creating a clever way to interact with your favourite Squishysaurus character.

Augmented Reality

Play with your dinosaur friend wherever you are

Voice Activation

Speak and watch your dinosaur respond and wave to you

Immersive Story

Read your favourite character's story or follow along with a narrator

Fun Quiz

Test what you’ve learnt in the story with a fun, interactive quiz

Walkthrough & Instructions

Squishysaurus uses innovative technology to enhance the relationship between children’s development, interaction, education and fun!

Link to app instructions:

Future Ideas For Development

In the future, the aim is for the fun, cute dinosaur characters to provide interactive English Language Training throughout the world.

Also, Squishysaurus is envisaging releasing further creative content and fun stories with these positive dinosaur role models.