Squelchy Squishysaurus Village


Squishysaurus Village

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The rain kept pouring down from the black sky above, as Alfie peered miserably from the window of his house.

The dinosaur was bored with a capital B!

Squirmy Square was becoming quickly flooded. Alfie looked across at number 8 where his friend Emma lived, he could see Emma peering out of her window too.

Emma was also bored and fed-up. She looked over to number 10 where her friend Madison lived, she could see that Madison was also peering out at the rain and looking miserable too.

The three dinosaur friends needed to do something to cheer themselves up, but what could they do in the pouring rain?

There wasn’t much to do in Squishysaurus Village, the village where they lived. It was only small with a few streets like Squirmy Square, a shop called Squishy Stores, a town hall and a post office.

“Mum, I’m going to go and see Emma.” Alfie said, as he pulled on his bright yellow welly boots.

He splashed through the deep puddles on his way across Squirmy Square to number 8.

“Hey Alfie!” Madison shouted. “You’ve had the same idea as me.”



Alfie looked up to see Madison wearing her bright purple welly boots with blue shorts. It didn’t matter if the sun shone or the rain rained, Madison was always wearing shorts.

They knocked on Emma’s front door together.

The little green dinosaur opened the door wearing her white scientist coat.

“Are you coming out?” Madison asked.

“In this? You must be crazy!” Emma shrieked.   

“Come on, there’s lots you can do in the rain.” Alfie said.

Emma asked. “Like what?”

“Play in puddles for one.” Madison giggled, as she splashed Alfie.

Emma agreed and went to grab her bright green wellies.

Within ten-minutes, the three dinosaurs were running around splashing each other and laughing so much that their sides ached.

They ended up by the stream, which ran through the middle of Squishysaurus Village. The water was running very fast and the stream was very deep.

“Did you hear that?” Alfie asked.


The three dinosaurs went very quiet and listened carefully.

They heard a voice shouting. “HELP!!!”

“Look, over there on the other side of the stream.” Emma shouted.

On the other side of the fast-flowing stream was a small dinosaur, a microraptor.

Alfie said. “It’s Mitch from Raptor Road, I recognise him because he’s so small.”

“We’ve got to help him, but how are we going to fish him out of the stream?” Madison asked.

Alfie said. “Stay here and keep an eye on him; I’ll go and get some help.”

“Hurry up Alfie!” Madison and Emma shouted together, as they kept an eye on Mitch.

The small dinosaur was being bashed around by the fierce water, he’d managed to grab hold of some reeds in the stream and was holding on tightly.

“MITCH, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Emma shouted.

It was obvious he couldn’t hear her because he didn’t look, he just clung onto the reeds with both paws.

“I’m back and I’ve brought help!” Alfie said, as he walked toward the stream with several dinosaurs following him.



“There’s Nellie the nothosaurus and Pete the plesiosaurs, how did Alfie manage to get them to help?” Madison said.

“It’s amazing how dinosaurs will help you in your hour of need, all you have to do is ask.” Alfie said from behind them.

The three dinosaur friends watched from the bank of the stream, as both Nellie and Pete jumped in and swam towards Mitch.

Mitch’s head dipped under the water and all that could be seen were his two front paws sticking above the water.

“HURRY!” Emma screamed.

Nellie and Pete swam underneath Mitch and scooped him up out of the stream, they threw him onto the bank where he landed in a very untidy bedraggled heap.

Alfie, Madison and Emma ran over to the small microraptor.

“Are you okay?” Alfie asked.

Mitch looked up at them, shook himself off and replied. “Yes, just a bit on the wet side but okay.”

He stood up and shook each of their paws and thanked them for helping him.

“See Emma, there’s lots you can do in the rain!” Alfie laughed, as the three dinosaur friends made their way back to Squirmy Square.

Answer the quiz (here) to see what you learnt and win a reward.